With problems such as climate change, population growth, and food security concerns, innovative technology has to be implemented in the agriculture industry. Artificial intelligence is just one of the technological solutions that allow this industry to improve agricultural productivity and efficiency.

And with the technology used in the IMC, farming will be a breeze.

With applications such as agricultural robotics, soil and crop monitoring, predictive analytics and yield-boosting algorithms, the IMC is a farmer’s best friend. And here we thought it was a sheepdog! Farmers from all over the world have been using intelligent systems like the IMC to gather data which allows for better processing and analysis. For example, a team of researchers developed and used artificial intelligence to recognise crop diseases and pest damage. Others have used the technology to eradicate weeds or to care for their plants.

The technology is also being used to make intelligent predictions such as where a seed will grow the best and what the soil conditions are likely to be. These predictions are based on gathered data and make farming a lot more efficient. You can even use facial recognition software to track an entire herd of animals! Basically, systems like the IMC are taking farming into the future.

Whether you need an intelligent surveillance system to implement pest and weed control, maximise your crop yield or gather information about your crops to decrease risk, waste, and liability and increase efficiency, the IMC has you covered.


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