Are you ready for the future of surveillance? The IMC is here!

Finally, the Incident Management Centre (IMC) powered by AxxonSoft has launched in South Africa! This revolutionary surveillance system launched at Securex in Johannesburg on 22 May, and whether you are in retail, banking, transport or if you are a CCTV reseller, this is going to change the way you do surveillance forever.

The IMC will see the Smart and Safe City concepts finally being implemented in South Africa, after experiencing much success in various countries overseas. These concepts enable detailed monitoring of large areas which results in the detection and prevention of crime and other incidents. The IMC has superior technology and uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to connect a large network of interconnected devices to deliver real-time data to a central database.

This is also great news for resellers as the system supports almost 10 000 IP devices and 3 000 models of network devices, which means you and your clients can plug, play and enjoy the awesome benefits of the IMC without spending thousands on new equipment.

This solution is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before with local authorities and security companies already part of the central database. So, when an offender enters your premises, or a vehicle is stolen, the authorities will already have been alerted. Now your business, retail centre or fleet will be safe while enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

Not only does the IMC promote safety and smarter business decisions, but the potential for other industries to utilise the system to improve the economy and monitor and control public utilities is also extremely exciting.

The key features of the IMC are:

  • Facial recognition: The IMC monitors and controls all your public utilities and allows you to detect and report problems in real-time. The benefits include:
    • Immediate detection and reporting of problems
    • Quicker responses from authorities or emergency personnel
    • Prevention of crimes, acts of terror, and accidents
    • Crowd management and security in public places
    • The system automatically picks out faces from the video camera feed, compares them to the central database (employee access list or blacklist), and triggers the system to unlock or unlock doors or send an alert to security personnel etc.
  • License plate recognition: The system monitors and secures transportation, vehicles, and transport areas using artificial intelligence. The benefits include:
    • Your video surveillance modules are integrated with intelligent transport and traffic detectors for tracking and searching purposes.
    • Real-time tracking
    • Optimisation of traffic flows
    • Automatic weighing of trucks
    • Automatic logging for railways
    • Motor vehicle and railway car license plate recognition for better monitoring and control.
  • Retail solution: The IMC performs a variety of tasks such as crowd control and proactive monitoring of cashiers and customers at the point-of-sale with intelligent video. The benefits include:
    • Continuous recording of cashiers’ workspaces
    • Combining recording with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft by the cashiers or customers
    • Store traffic management
    • Queue management
    • Identification and prevention of unauthorised alterations, substitutions, cancellations, and forgeries.

The best part about all these features is that they enable you to gather statistics and data, and they take the guessing out of your security strategy. Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, you will know what is happening when it is happening, and what is being done about it at all times.

The Incident Management Centre is one of the biggest things to come to the South African surveillance industry, and we know you are itching to get your hands on it.

The IMC specialists are on standby and ready to work with your business to develop a business case and demonstrate how the solution can benefit your organisation.