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AxxonSoft Technology used in the core of a comprehensive security solution for Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate is a 10-minute drive from OR Tambo International Airport (ORT). With the importance of global trade and logistics playing an increasing role in the choice of location both for tourism and for the place of primary residence, the significance of the international airport and Serengeti’s proximity to it cannot be over-emphasised. There is an ever-increasing need for a secure environment that can provide peace of mind when you are either away or asleep, which means that security is of utmost importance.


The area is situated close to the highway, which makes it a prime spot for intruders to access and have a quick getaway. The perimeter fencing serves as a deterrent, but 24/7 security is vital. Guards patrolling the perimeter fencing can only be in one area at any given time. Video surveillance including thermal imagers is therefore needed in all the areas surrounding the estate.

Entrances at the main gate and the Clubhouse areas should also be watched by both guards and cameras for access control and security, with panoramic cameras for general security and LPR & biometric combo solution for access control. Residents’ biometric credentials should be matched to LPR to allow easy access for authorised persons and stop any unregistered user from leaving with resident vehicles.


To address the major concern of unwanted access around the perimeter and to also allow ease of access for residents, the client installed AxxonSoft Technology including License Plate Recognition from CARMEN. Understanding the needs of the client and the need for an open platform due to the existing hardware, AxxonSoft Technology provides a platform to allow easy integration with current cameras and new High Definition PTZs and box cameras. The technology supports on-camera analytics and sends alarms from cameras and thermal imagers to a third-party online occurrence book.

The License Plate Recognition provides the client with ease of access for residents at gates. Each vehicle the resident owns is registered with the biometrics on the Access Control System integrated into AxxonSoft Technology. This is used to match the License Plate Recognition data and fingerprint and open the gates or deny access if the license plate number is not registered to the person driving.

AxxonSoft Technology is installed on over five servers with 220 cameras on site monitoring the entire estate.


Installing the AxxonSoft Technology solution permitted the client to use existing camera hardware and integrate newer equipment. Thanks to thermal analytics integration, AxxonSoft Technology secures the perimeter, allowing for less physical guarding. Access control integration, in combination with License Plate Recognition technology, allows easy access for residents and total security for residents’ vehicles.

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