Examples of latest deep learning video analytics 2018

Evolution of video analytics started with motion detectors that simply subtracted pixel brightness of a frame from pixel brightness of the previous frame. Today the most sophisticated video analytics allow not just detecting moving objects, but also classify them with great precision. Here’re some examples, showing the potential of modern algorithms. Detection of items on […]

Are you ready for the future of surveillance? The IMC is here!

Finally, the Incident Management Centre (IMC) powered by AxxonSoft has launched in South Africa! This revolutionary surveillance system launched at Securex in Johannesburg on 22 May, and whether you are in retail, banking, transport or if you are a CCTV reseller, this is going to change the way you do surveillance forever. The IMC will […]

Turning the surveillance industry upside down

Certain technologies are causing a buzz in the surveillance industry right now. Not only are these technologies enabling users to secure their facilities better than before, but they are allowing people to strategise better and make informed decisions regarding their businesses, fleets or retail spaces. According to Security Insights powered by Pelco, human error has […]

Surveillance in Retail

According to the National Retail Foundation, businesses can lose up to 1,44% of their turnover to shrinkage thanks to one of these five sources: Employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud, paperwork errors and, worst of all, the unknown. Retailers have to defend against product loss and shrinkage by constantly monitoring their stores or centres. And how […]

The IMC will transport you into the Future

Where would we be without transport? Whether it is by road, rail, sea or air – transport plays a massive role in our modern society. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the GDP from transport in South Africa reached an all-time high of over R270 million. According to an article on BizConnect, “South Africa is […]