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Did you know? Businesses can lose up to 1,44% of their turnover to shrinkages such as theft, breakage or fraud (National Retail Foundation)! That’s a lot of money you don’t have to be losing. Retailers have to defend against product loss and shrinkage by constantly monitoring their stores or centres.

With the IMC’s Retail Integration solution, retailers can reduce expenses, improve their return on capital and manage their resources better through using the deep learning technology and intelligent video. You can also use retail analytics for:

  • Store traffic management: There are endless benefits to this application including improving customer service by planning staff hours around peak times and optimising your promotional strategies based on when a zone or the store will be busiest.
  • Queue management: Improve your business’ efficiency and increase customer satisfaction through managing the load at your checkout points, and
  • Monitoring checkout transactions: With this application, you can have a bird’s eye and real-time view of what is happening at your checkout points. Prevent product loss and shrinkage or fraud and track incoming and outgoing visitors.

If you are looking for a system that can perform crowd control and proactive monitoring of your cashiers and customers at the point-of-sale by using intelligent video technology, look no further than the IMC. While your video cameras continuously record the cashiers’ workspaces, the IMC solution will combine this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft by the cashiers or customers. Don’t get left behind, get the IMC system’s Retail Integration solution today.

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