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The IMC offers endless applications across most industries

Endless Applications Across Industries


Retail, transportation and logistics, banking, agriculture or mining - No matter your operation, a surveillance system plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth and successful running of your business or industry sector.

According to the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, 60% of convicted offenders look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40% indicated that the presence of security cameras would motivate them to seek an easier target. However, security cameras are only deterrents and the days of simply deterring crime are behind us. Thankfully, with the IMC, you get so much more than a security camera.

The IMC has endless applications across most industries since the technology is extremely versatile and integrates well with third-party systems. And although our off-the-shelf solutions are designed for the retail, banking, government, and transport sectors, these are not the only sectors for which the IMC offers solutions. So, whether you are searching for an off-the-shelf or a custom-made solution for your industry sector, look no further than the IMC.


Works with Most CCTV systems already. We support over 7,600 models!



“Retail is detail” – James Gulliver. And we have all the details…

According to the National Retail Foundation, businesses can lose up to 1,44% of their turnover to shrinkage. This shrinkage comes down to employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud, paperwork errors and other unknown factors. To reduce and avoid this shrinkage, every business needs a customised solution. Our retail solutions include intelligent video analytics, synchronous data displays and notification of suspicious activities, as well as easy integration with the most popular POS terminals. Our solution will allow any business to be safer and, more importantly, smarter.

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Intelligence that protects and secures

Our solutions for the banking sector are unique intelligent. Our digital video security system is custom-designed for ATM networks, which integrates video surveillance modules with your existing ATM transaction system. If something out of the ordinary happens, the system notifies your operators to investigate and take action. And the best part is that the technology is easy to install, use and manage, and requires minimal training and support. And just as your bank and customers are unique, you need a tailored security solution, and we will make that happen.

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Fleet and transportation control – the way you want it OR Your silent co-pilot that’s always on the lookout

Whether you own a fleet of trucks or trains, our intelligent transport and traffic detectors coupled with intelligent video analytics enable you to monitor and secure your transportation. Traffic detectors warn you of possible bottlenecks and give you the information you need to assess congestion, prevent roadblocks, and plan for future expansion. For railways, you can track your cargo anywhere in the railway network. With our smart transportation solutions, it is easy for you to manage logistics, optimise routes, and prevent loss.

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The surveillance revolution is here

The future of surveillance is in insights, analyses and proactive monitoring. And with the Incident Management Centre powered by AxxonSoft, the future has arrived early. The IMC solution is based on the winning Safe City concept and includes three key features namely, facial recognition, license plate recognition and a retail point-of-sale solution.

The system uses intelligent video and deep learning not only to ensure safer cities but smarter cities. The large network of interconnected devices feeds data into a central database that is proactively monitored and managed, which enables you to respond faster and see problems coming from a mile away.

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There is no better way to do logistics than with IMC

The logistics industry allows any growing economy, like South Africa, to take part in the world economy through imports and exports. The industry is developing quite quickly and offers various opportunities. One of these opportunities is the use of technology.

Artificial intelligence has turned the logistics and supply chain industry on its head. It allows logistics companies to recognise patterns in data that humans could never detect and to learn from new data to provide smarter and more accurate information. All in real time! Even though this sector doesn’t fall under one of our off-the-shelf solutions, the IMC is a fantastic tool to use in the logistics industry.

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Building a better future

South Africa has an established and diversified manufacturing industry, but it has been struggling due to a recovery in GDP growth and higher commodity prices. However, the exciting news is that the manufacturing industry is being taken to a whole new level with the implementation of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. After all, the “manufacturing (industry) is an engine of growth for the South African economy,” according to Manufacturing Circle’s executive director, Philippa Rodseth.

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The IMC, not just for data

If you thought the IMC could only be used to mine data… Think again! We are sure you’ve noticed that the IMC surveillance solution has many applications in various industries. This also includes the mining industry. Now, you might wonder how an intelligent surveillance system can be used in the mining industry… 

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The future of agriculture

Did you know? Agriculture contributes about 2,5% to South Africa’s GDP and about 8% to formal employment according to Farmer’s Weekly. With such a massive input into our country’s economy, farming or agriculture can no longer be about planting seeds and waiting for the harvest to come up. Technology, such as artificial intelligence and deep learning has to be applied to ensure that South Africa’s agriculture industry keeps flourishing.

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