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The IMC uses advanced technology from AxxonSoft to drive better outcomes through:

  • Gaining an intimate understanding of how people interact with your business
  • Learning how to improve customer service
  • Significantly reducing shrinkages such as loss, theft and breakage
  • Better preparing for potential breaches by knowing who is entering your premises or is in the vicinity, and
  • Proactive management and alerts to respond to a breach at the time of the event, not after it has already occurred.

It achieves this through four main solution elements namely Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Retail Point-of-Sale Integration, and Safe City solutions. And when you sign up for the IMC managed service, you receive the following support and benefits:

  • Professional consulting, implementation and design expertise from industry specialists
  • Integration of existing technology and providers, and
  • A lower total cost of ownership thanks to the IMC system being a managed service.

“In most cases, proper surveillance and early notification of improper and/or illegal activities could have prevented the activities from taking place, or could have limited the scope and amount of damage inflicted.”
Steve Culp

Works with Most CCTV systems already. We support over 7,600 models!


Facial Recognition

Technology that sees what no human can

With facial recognition, you can monitor and control all your public utilities. It also allows you to detect and report problems in real-time. The facial recognition software automatically picks out faces from the video camera feed, compares them to a database, such as an employee access list or a blacklist, and triggers the system to lock or unlock a door or send an alert to security personnel etc. Facial recognition is well-suited to public spaces, infrastructure sites with critical access control needs, retail outlets, and gambling establishments.

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License Plate Recognition

No matter how fast they drive, our technology is always faster

A license plate recognition system can comprise an unlimited number of video cameras, data storage and processing servers, and monitoring workstations. Our license plate recognition technology monitors and secures transportation, vehicles, and transport areas using artificial intelligence (AI). Your video surveillance modules are integrated with intelligent transport and traffic detectors, as well as car and railway car license plate recognition. The software registers all vehicles passing through monitored areas and allows you to add comments for each database.

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Retail Point-of-Sale

Our intelligent video analytics will change how you do business

Our retail analytics technology has a variety of applications including crowd control and proactive monitoring of cashiers and customers at the point-of-sale with intelligent video. With the point-of-sale system, the video continuously records a cashier's workspace and combines this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft by the cashier or customer. Amongst other things, this solution allows you to identify and prevent unauthorised alterations, substitutions, cancellations, and forgeries.

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Safe City

A smart city = a safe city

A lot of research has been done about the Safe Cities concept, and the proof is in the results. Countless case studies show how cities or suburbs were transformed when active and proactive monitoring was implemented. Imagine a solution that detects and reports problems across all public spaces in real-time. A solution that promotes safety reduces crime and ensures that a city runs efficiently and smoothly. Our integrated Safe City solution ensures that any modern city can be smart, failure- and future-proof.

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