The transport industry plays a massive role in our society. Whether it is by road, rail, sea or air, goods are being transported across the world every day. But the industry is facing major challenges including failing infrastructure, theft and outdated technology.

And with millions being lost through stolen shipping containers, hijacked vehicles or inefficient driving, surveillance systems need to step up to the plate. Ideally, a surveillance system for the transport industry must be connected, utilise artificial intelligence and deep learning, and interact with various databases and devices.

Thankfully, the IMC solution is all of these things and set to revolutionise the transport industry in South Africa. The system offers the following benefits:

  • Automatic recognition and logging of license plates and rail car numbers
  • Real-time feedback, so you can respond quickly and avoid any problems
  • Integration and interaction with your existing systems, and
  • Monitoring compliance with size and weight requirements.

Works with Most CCTV systems already. We support over 7,600 models!


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