Turning the surveillance industry upside down

Certain technologies are causing a buzz in the surveillance industry right now. Not only are these technologies enabling users to secure their facilities better than before, but they are allowing people to strategise better and make informed decisions regarding their businesses, fleets or retail spaces.

According to Security Insights powered by Pelco, human error has always threatened the surveillance industry and “eliminating those errors is crucial to ultimately securing a site.” But the good news is that we are moving in the right direction.

After all, we are living in the information age, and surveillance systems that cannot provide accurate and real-time information are getting left behind in the dust of intelligent video, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

With concepts like the Safe City being implemented successfully around the world and more surveillance systems utilising AI and intelligent video, the surveillance industry is being turned upside down. We are seeing businesses making smarter and safer decisions thanks to analytics and facial and license plate recognition.

So, we say, “Out with slow, out-of-date surveillance systems” and “In with the new, greater, smarter future”.